Hyperspace Social Tech Hub | One Year Seeking for Change

Вижте какво ви очаква по време на рождения ни ден този петък.

One Year Seeking for Change | program:

✨18:30 - 19:30 launchlabs | "Change Seekers of the Future" - interactive workshop
Registration: https://bit.ly/3QLmMfv

Ongoing activities:
✨ Wind of Change | "Climate Fresk" - climate change pop-up workshop
✨ DigiPhysics | "Look and Listen" - interactive installation developed with the help of people from the deaf community
✨ TimeHeroes | “MS - I Can Do It Myself” - create origami to support people with multiple sclerosis (MS)
✨ Truth Detectives - AR board game about a conspiracy, that nurtures critical thinking and media literacy
💿 Ihou - good music and good vibes
🥂 Hyper Drinks + Hyper Gifts

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